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Best Offbeat Places For A Tour Package In West Sikkim For 5 Days

While life gets boring and monotonous, we wish to escape from the same everyday life and travel over to a place surrounded by nature and its beauty. But then where to go in this blistering heat? Well, Sikkim is the answer. Surrounded by mountains on its Northern, Eastern and Western boundaries and known well for its pleasant and cool climate, this place is a must-visit especially if you are willing to escape the scorching sun.

But again, making a list of the popular tourist attractions in Sikkim can also be time-consuming. Well, no worries because to make your work easier, here is a list of West Sikkim tourist attractions.

Popular West Sikkim Tourist Attractions For A 5 Day Tour

To witness the sublime of nature, Sikkim is the elite option to explore.  West Sikkim is an idyllic place that loves nature. A tour package for 5 days in West Sikkim is a perfect way to explore its charming beauty, rich culture, serene climate setting, and snow-capped mountains. Let's Dive deep into the heart of Sikkim and explore its cherished treasures.

Day 1: Yuksom

Yuksom, being the first capital of Sikkim and also an ancient place, should be the first city you begin your Sikkim tour package with.

Places to visit in Yuksom include the Dubdi Monastery, the Coronation Throne Of Norbugang which was the Throne of the King, Tashiding Monastery which will show you the Tibetan Buddhist traditions, Kartok Lake which is a small and calm place, something which nature lovers desire.

Day 2: Darap

Darap is a small and calm village in West Sikkim which is definitely worth a visit if you wish to take a look at the regular life of the communities residing there.

Travellers can also trek on the Goecha La or the Dzongri trail and sightsee the paddy fields and a few plantations of millet, cardamom and corn. This village houses over 300 families amongst which most of them belong to the Limboo community. Other communities living in this village are the Gurungs, Bhutias, Tamangs, Chettris and Rais. The Lepcha House and Limbu Temple are also places that can be visited.

 Day 3: Pelling

To start with day 3, West Sikkim tour packages must include Pelling. It is the most popular West Sikkim Tourist Attraction.

Places to visit in Pelling include the Pemayangtse Monastery which is worth visiting because of its architecture and historical importance, and the Rabdentse Ruins which was an ancient capital of Sikkim and is surrounded by mountains and forests. It must also include Kanchendzonga Waterfalls which offer a breathtaking view, the Singshore Bridge which is the second-highest suspended bridge in Asia and the Chenrezig Statue and Skywalk which comprises the world’s tallest Chenrezig statue. The Bodhisattva Chenrezig is 137 ft ( 42 m ) tall and the glass-bottomed skywalk is located at a height of 7,200ft ( 2,195 m ) above sea level.

Day 4: Rinchenpong

Tour packages for Sikkim must include the tranquil village of Rinchenpong. The calm atmosphere is best for relaxation.

Places to visit in Rinchenpong include Rinchenpong Monastery, Poison Lake and British Bungalow. Rinchenpong Monastery is situated at a height of over 5,500 ft ( 1,700 m ) above the twin villages of Rinchenpong and Kaluk. The Poison Lake has currently dried up but is of historical importance as it was poisoned by the local people to drive away the British and has a lovely walking trail in the nearby forests. The British Bungalow, which is an old British cottage, is located above the Poison Lake and can be visited to view British architecture.

Day 5: Relax

Spend day 5 relaxing and exploring the nearby areas and knowing more about the traditional Sikkim culture. Try exploring the small roadside shops and knowing about their daily life and also you can spend the evening trying out the roadside food there and maybe even do some leisure shopping for yourself.

Things To Consider While Visiting West Sikkim

You must follow the informational travel tips that we have gathered before or during your Sikkim trip. One of the most crucial factors is to find the perfect time to visit Sikkim is the very first piece of advice for you. Because of its position in northern India, Sikkim experiences freezing temperatures for much of the year.

1. Pack All The Essentials

Pack some warm clothes because Sikkim is cold all year. In addition, you should pack a first-aid kit, prescribed drugs, and feminine products in case of women. To avoid any form of skin illness, antibacterial creams & sunscreen lotions are to be carried around.

2. Keep Digital Currency With You

Instead of carrying a sizable quantity of cash, it is advisable to have a cheque or debit/credit card available as a backup payment option. Even if theft and robbery are uncommon problems, it is wise to always be alert for any such circumstances. Digital payment options like debit and credit cards are also less likely to be stolen and offer greater convenience.

3. Obtain Visitation Permits In Advance Of Time

A trip to Sikkim wouldn’t be complete without visiting some of the restricted areas that are required to be entered because of the state’s shared borders with Bhutan, Nepal, and Tibet. It is recommended that you obtain a standard permit or border permission before you begin your adventures.

Best Time To Visit Offbeat Tour West Sikkim

Autumn brings a bright sky and an opportunity to visit Sikkim’s magnificent lands. From the month of September to December, the climate is great for enjoying Sikkim.

  • During the winter months (December through February), it is quite cold outside, with constant snowfall. The highways and mountains become covered in snow. The best months to visit Sikkim are March to June and September to December.
  • Spring (March to May) is a popular season to visit West Sikkim since the temperature is pleasant and the blossoming rhododendrons lend beautiful hues to the scenery. The temperature ranges between 10°C and 25°C (50°F to 77°F), which makes it excellent for outdoor activities.
  • The fall season (October to November) is regarded as one of the greatest seasons to explore West Sikkim. The weather is good, with clear skies and temperatures that range from 5°C – 20°C (41°F to 68°F). The post-monsoon time delivers lush landscapes, with stunning vistas of the Himalayas.

Few Final Words

A Sikkim tour package for 5 days in West Sikkim is a fantasy destination for those looking for solace in the lap of Mother Earth. From the magnificent Rinchenpong to the Pelling of majestic peaks and valleys, every destination in West Sikkim has a unique novelette.  Let's climb abroad to witness the West Sikkim tourist attractions and Create memories for a lifetime.

Explore the charm of West Sikkim with this meticulously designed 5-day tour package, crafted to offer a memorable experience. While you can review the West Sikkim tour package cost with a good tour operator, we have planned the best 5-day tour to West Sikkim. We have given our best efforts in listing most of the West Sikkim tourist attractions to make your tour interesting and hassle-free. Enjoy your vacation to Sikkim!

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