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Gurudongmar Lake: Travel Tips, Weather, Best Time To Visit

Gurudongmar Lake is situated in the northern region of Sikkim, India. It is an astonishing high-altitude lake admired for its pure, sparkling waters and breathtaking beauty. Gurudongmar Lake's height is around 17,800 meters. It is recognised as one of the summit lakes in the world. The lake is surrounded by snow. It gives a unique experience to the tourists with the mystical environment.

The journey to the adventures of Gurudongmar Lake gives a thrilling experience while walking up the hills, into the villages, and the amazing landscapes. If you are looking for an adventurous trip, Gurudongmar Lake is the perfect destination to visit and experience the stunning landscapes and beauty of North Sikkim.

How To Reach Gurudongmar Lake?

To reach this picturesque Gurudongmar Lake, there are two places to go. Based on your availability, reach the capital of Sikkim, Gangtok, or Lachung, the famous city in Sikkim.

  • From Gangtok: Upon reaching Gangtok, take a vehicle and start the journey. The distance (Gangtok to Gurudongmar Lake distance) is around 174 kilometres. The travelling time is around 8-9 hours due to the challenging roads, weather, and terrain. You can experience stunning viewpoints like Thangu Valley, Lachen, and many more beauty spots on the journey. You can start early or stay in the beauty spots overnight to experience the natural beauty and continue your journey to reach the lake.  
  • From Lachung: Lachung is another popular tourist spot in North Sikkim. Travellers who visit Gurudongmar Lake in north Sikkim prefer to stay in Lachung. The distance (Lachung to Gurudongmar Lake distance) is around 66 kilometres from Lachung to the lake. It takes about 3-4 hours of journey to reach the destination. You can visit the Chopta Valley, and Thangu Valley while travelling from Lachung.

Travel Tips

For a safe and memorable trip, you need to take a few proper travel tips. That includes:

  • North Sikkim experiences uneven weather conditions. Though you travel in summer, pack warm clothing like sweaters, jackets, caps, gloves, hoodies, boots, etc to stay warm and cosy.
  • While travelling up the hill you might not get enough facilities near the lake. So, it is advised to carry sufficient food and enough water. Always keep yourself hydrated and carry energy drinks along with you.
  • Before starting your journey, check Gurudongmar weather conditions and plan your travelling day accordingly. Keep in mind that weather can be unpredictable at high altitudes, and it is a must to have a good plan for a safe and memorable experience.
  • If you are physically weak or expected to feel dizziness or altitude sickness, it is recommended to carry essential medications and avoid challenging or risk-included activities.
  • Start up early in the morning by enjoying the sunrise, reach till the sunset time and explore more beauty spots throughout the day.
  • Visiting Gurudongmar Lake needs to take the necessary permissions as it is located near to the Indo-Tibetan border. The permissions can be arranged by the travel agencies near the place.

Best Time To Visit Gurudongmar Lake

The best time to visit north Sikkim Gurudongmar Lake is during the summer from April to June and during autumn from October to November. These months are considered to be the safest months where you can experience pleasant weather conditions.

  • April to June: This is generally considered to be summer. The temperature ranges from 5°C to 15°C. The snow melts and exposes the lakes. All the surroundings look bright and flourishing.
  • October to November: This month experiences the autumn season. The temperature ranges from 1°C to 10°C. After the monsoon, the weather looks quite amazing and the tourists can experience wonderful snow-capped mountains. This will be an ideal time for capturing and sightseeing.

Travelling from July to September is highly dangerous to tourists and it is not advisable to travel in those months as heavy rains take place. The roads will be uneven and travelling can be risky and unsafe. Similarly, travelling from December to March is highly dangerous and unsafe due to drastic cold and heavy snowfall. Some of the high hill areas and roads will be closed due to snow.

Must Visit Places When You Visit Gurudongmar Lake

  1. Lachung: Lachung, an amazing village is widely known for different kinds of flowers. It is also called a valley of flowers. To a great extent, it is more attractive for its natural beauty.
  2. Tso Lhamo Lake: Tso Lhamo is known to be one of the highest lakes in India. It is situated near the Tibetan border. It is extensively famous for its natural stunning beauty.
  3. Thangu Valley: Thangu Valley is another famous and must-visited valley. It is widely attracted for its greenery and nature.
  4. Green Lake: It is one of the beautiful ice-fed lakes. It is widely attracted by nature lovers and trekking mates.
  5. Zero point (Yumesamdong): You can experience and feel the snowy mountains. It is considered the most famous and favourite destination for tourists.
  6. Chopta Valley: It is a great place for capturing nature moments and experiencing bird watching. It is a nature-dwelling place with rivers and snowy peaks.
  7. Lachen: Upon travelling from Gangton to Gurudongmar Lake, you can visit the stunning views of local nature by visiting Lachen, a scenic village. 

Exploring these attractive places during your visit to Gurudongmar Lake makes your trip even more memorable.

Travel Essentials

  • Boots and sturdy footwear: Whether you are travelling during the summer season or autumn season, you have to carry boots and sturdy footwear for travelling. Pack durable and comfortable shoes for a stable grip while travelling. The travelling place can be icy and uneven, so take a good grip on sturdy footwear for better comfort.
  • Medicine: Pack medicines for headaches, altitude sickness, and some common medicines for fever and regular health concerns. Carrying medications can be a lifesaver for unexpected health issues.
  • Warm clothing: Though it is summer or autumn, carry warm clothes like woollen sweaters, woollen clothes, jackets, caps, and gloves to stay warm when temperatures rise down.
  • Food: Pack sufficient food and water when leaving for outside. You might not get proper food and necessary essentials in the high altitudes. So it is advised to pack enough food to keep hydrated. It will be better if you carry raw foods like fruits and nuts rather than packed foods. It gives you energy and avoids food spoilage.
  • Travel permits: As the lake is very close to the border, specific permissions are required to visit the lake. If you consult the travel agency, they will look after the travel permission for visiting the Gurudongmar Lake. You also have to carry ID proofs and travel documents along before starting your journey.
  • Sunscreen and glasses: UV exposure will be high while travelling up the high altitudes. So, it is advised to carry sunscreen and sunglasses along with you to get protected from sun and UV rays.
  • Camera: Gurudongmar Lake is an amazing place, offering breathtaking views of nature all around. To capture the serene beauty of nature and the flourishing and lively landscape, you can carry a camera along with you.


Gurudongor Lake in north Sikkim is a perfect destination for nature lovers and travel explorers. It is an amazing place that attracts with its breathtaking views and natural beauty. It is widely known as one of the highest lakes in the world. It is located at an altitude of 17,800 feet. Travelers can capture the stunning views all around. The place is mostly covered by snow. It is a must-visit place for holiday trips with family or friends. The best time to visit the Gurudongmar Lake is from April to June (during summer) and October to November (during winter).

It is advised to check the weather conditions and take the necessary permissions before planning your trip. Take proper precautions while handling the high altitude. Experience the amazing adventure by visiting Gurudongmar Lake which gives you a unique experience of nature, culture and the serene beauty of Sikkim.

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